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Joint Injections

Joint Injections At Centric GP Joint Injections at Centric GP

A joint injection is a procedure used to help treat ailments of the joints.

These joints include the finger, toe, wrist, ankle, shoulder, hip and tendons. A patient having a problem with arthritis, gout, tendonitis, rotators cuff issues or musculoskeletal issues may benefit from this procedure.

What Happens?

  • Joint injections or aspirations (taking fluid out of a joint) are performed with a cold spray or other local anaesthesia
  • Joint injections may decrease the accumulation of fluid and cells in the joint and may temporarily decrease pain and stiffness
  • Anti-inflammatory agents may be injected that slow down the accumulation of cells responsible for producing inflammation and pain within the joint space
  • The medicine should help decrease any inflammation, swelling, tenderness, or heat the joint is holding. Local anaesthesia and steroid injections are found to have a significant impact on symptoms

The Benefits:

  • Benefit is experienced within a few days if successful and can last for months
  • Generally, the patient will respond after one injection, however you may be allowed to receive additional injections upon your doctor's approval
  • You should have few if any side-effects. If you do, these may include tenderness, warmth, or swelling, around the injection site and you should consult with your doctor once more if any of these side-effects occur
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