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Gender Pay Report at Centric Health

News 17 Jun, 2023

Gender Pay Report

We are satisfied that Centric Health operates in a fair manner in regard to the remuneration of all employees. Note that our GP Partners are not employees.

We are immensely proud of all our team throughout the organisation and are fully supportive of measures to close any Gender Pay Gap that might exist.

What are we reporting on?

This report shows the gap in men's and women’s average hourly pay, as well as bonus % across Centric Health, and those working full-time, part- time and casual. This is based on both mean (average) and medium (midpoint) figures. This report includes an additional section showing the percentage of males and females divided into four quartiles from lowest to highest pay.

Our Results

Looking at the drivers of our data, the structure of our workforce is a major contributing factor to the differences in pay. We have a higher percentage of women in less technical roles and/or in administrative roles as well as a higher percentage of women in casual and part-time contracts while overall a much higher relative proportion of men are in senior roles. The combination of these factors means that the roles occupied by the genders are not comparable in seniority, skills, and/or experience.

It is important to note that our GP Partner Doctors are not required to be reported in this report however as they are fundamental to how Centric Health is organised and operates, we believe that it is beneficial and relevant to include an additional section within our internal report.

Centric Health Approach to Inclusivity and Diversity

While there is a gap in certain areas, this is something that the business will work to narrow. It is important to note that these figures do not measure whether men and women receive comparable pay for comparable work.


We will continue to prioritise pay equity for all in Centric Health, in line with a pay-for-performance framework to best support Centric Health’s culture.

At Centric Health, we are a diverse and multicultural organisation, we value, include, and learn from people across genders and backgrounds. We strive on creating an inclusive workplace and thank you for your support in helping us do so.